My package says "delivered," but I never got it.

In the rare instance where you never received your package, and you did not purchase Route Package Protection, you’ll have to submit a missing mail request with the USPS, followed by filing a claim and asking for a refund. Goddess Provisions cannot reship packages marked as ‘delivered’ as our agreement ends at shipping the package to you with tracking info. The USPS then enters an agreement with the customer to deliver the goods, so Goddess Provisions cannot submit info on the customer’s behalf. Please contact support if you need to change your address or simply log into your account.

If you purchased Route Package Protection and your tracking says "Delivered" but you did not receive your package, then you can file a claim up to 15 days after the supposed date of "Delivery." Click here to file a Route claim with your order number. For more information about Route claims, see our other FAQs. 

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